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FrankenFood and why I love sourdough

Sourdough bread may be the new trendy thing, but it’s been the primary way people made bread for thousands of years.

I’ve been making sourdough on and off for years. However, I (used to) buy hotdog and hamburger buns for cookouts at the grocery store. I cleaned out my cupboards last weekend, and found some hamburger buns hidden from November. They weren’t moldy or rotten, a little dry but like the day I bought them.

Real bread gets moldy. My sourdough bread can last maybe 4-5 days. It’s made with high quality, unbleached flour, water, salt and starter. What doesn’t mold is processed food like products. Those chemicals belong in a lab, not in something we consume. They are not real food, our bodies recognize them as chemicals, and then we wonder why we don't feel good.

Cooking your own food or being very careful on reading ingredients is your best bet to actually eat real food. If you’re interested in learning more about sourdough, reach out to us! We are happy to share some starter and share the love!

I buy my flour from Azure Standard to assure its quality, and there is a pickup location in Port Huron at Donna’s Storage.

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