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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Doctor Katie has extensive training in Chinese Herbal Medicine. Acupuncture isn't always enough, some treatments may require Chinese Herbs either along side the acupuncture treatment or as a treatment in itself. Chinese Herbs are almost never used by themselves rather specific Chinese Formulas are created around the individual typically consisting of 4 to 15 herbs. Herbal formulas can come in a variety of ways: raw herbs, tablets, capsules, or powders and can be customized to a patient’s exact needs. We have a small raw and granule pharmacy in house and carry a wide variety of patent herbal formulas. We source high quality pesticide free herbs.  We carry Blue Poppy's Great Nature Classics, Blue Poppy Pediatric tinctures, pearl powder, Emily's Skin Soothers and Yin Care.

We also have our own topical line including Hong Hua Jiao (warming liniment), tendon liniment, Dit Dat Jiao, herbal bug spray, soaks, Ju hua teabags, and acne scrubs. We also have our own custom dry and wet cough syrups. Our most popular item is Purple Cloud ointment, our own shiunko burn cream. Check out our "Shop" to order online and have our products shipped right to your home.

Best for acute bruising and muscle aches. Traditionally used in martial arts. NOT to be used in chronic or overuse injuries, open wounds or broken bones.

Best for chronic injuries to tendons & ligaments, old sprains to recurring tendonitis. Helps increase local circulation. NOT to be used in acute injuries or where the jion is red, hot and swollen.

Best for chronic aches and pains! NOT to be used in acute injuries or where the join is red, hot and swollen. 

All natural Chinese herbal bug spray. Shake before using, re-apply as needed.

Ju Hua Tea Bag

Used as eye compress for varies eye conditions including: styes, bites, and infections.

Tendon Relaxing Soak

Used for hand/wrist and foot/ankle conditions including: plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel, and arthritis.

Acne Scrub

Mix with honey & used as an exfoliate for acme.

Blue Poppy's Great Nature Classics

We carry an extensive line of Blue Poppy herbal patent formulas that can be benificial for a wide variety of conditions. 

Emily's "All Natural" Skin Soother


Emily's skin soothers only use high quality herbs that are sulfur and perservative free. They can help with a variety of skin issues specifically but not limited to the following:

• Dry-type Eczema

• Flaking dry psoriasis

• Cracked hands and cuticles

• Dry cracked heels

• Rosacea

• Diaper rash

We utilize Fullscript, an online supplement and herb company with high quality, vetted brands. We have created plans for a variety of conditions, like high cholesterol and preconception health, along with great protein powders, natural personal care products and more. You can order through our link and check out our curated collections.

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