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Food Sensitivity Testing

We are excited to offer food sensitivity testing. It is super simple, only takes a drop of blood and can be done at home. We get the results back in about a week!

We test for the most common food allergies including:

Almond Apple Apricot Asparagus Avocado Baker's / Brewer's Yeast Banana Barley Beef Beet Bell Pepper Blueberry Broccoli Buckwheat Button Mushroom Cabbage Candida albicans Cane Sugar Carrot Casein Cauliflower Celery Cheddar Cheese Chestnut Chicken Chicken Egg White Chicken Egg Yolk Chickpea Clam Cocoa Bean Coconut Codfish Coffee Corn Cow Milk Crab Cranberry Cucumber Duck Egg Flaxseed Garlic Ginger Gliadin Gluten Goat Milk Grape Grapefruit Green Bean

Green Pea Halibut Hazelnut Honey Kidney Bean Lamb Lemon Lentils Lettuce Lima Bean Lobster Oats Olive Onion Orange Oregano Papaya Peach Peanut Pear Pecan Pineapple Pinto Bean Plum Pork Pumpkin Raspberry Rye Salmon Scallops Sesame Shrimp Sole Soybean Spelt Spinach Strawberry Sunflower Seed Sweet Potato Tomato Trout Tuna Turkey Walnut Wheat Whey White Potato White Rice

While we rely on Chinese medicine to support the digestive system, sometimes we need to rule out specific food sensitives. It can give us guidance on dietary advice so we can rebuild the gut and restore normal digestion. Contact us if you are interested in learning more about functional and integrative medicine.

Basic Food Sensitivity Panel Sample Report
Download PDF • 637KB

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