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Build Better Bones

We don't ever think about the strength of our bones until we break something or have a dexa scan and get diagnosed with osteoporosis.

On average, you can expect to break(fracture) two bones in your lifetime. If you have certain medical conditions, have preexisting osteoporosis, or its winter time, you are more likely to struggle with healing. This means that the bones will not grow back together, either at all or quickly enough. This leads to lengthened time in casts, immobility and even more problems down the line.

Osteopenia and osteoporosis are also very common, affecting nearly half the population over fifty. Osteopenia is less severe than osteoporosis, but both are when the bone weakens, thins and becomes brittle.

Current medication for osteoporosis, like bisphosphonates, have significant side effects like jaw and hip necrosis. They do not actually prevent fractures or death.

Chinese medicine can be extremely beneficial to build healthier bones. We often use a Chinese herbal formula, Ox Bone Pearls, to build healthier bone and help non healing broken bones. We may also recommend supplementing with Vitamin D (most of us need around 5000 IU daily but get some labwork done). We consistently see changes on xrays after starting our protocol so patients heal quicker and get on with their lives.

Decrease or eliminate soda. The phosphoric acid can decrease bone mineralization. Eat a diet of real food, with enough protein.

Weight bearing exercise is also necessary. Lifting weights is best, but you can also ruck, or walk with a weight vest. Cardio and things like yoga always have a place in our lives, but strong bones depend on weights.

If you have a non healing broken bone, osteoporosis or osteopenia, contact us and we can assess you and start you on our protocol.

I am a doctor, but I'm not your doctor. Always check with your doctor for medical advice.

Our recommended Vitamin D is at Fullscript

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