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Safety Tips for Running, Walking and Biking Outdoors

I am a huge advocate of getting outside and being active. However, as a young mom, I am also very aware that there are safety concerns. Living in Michigan, I am often running or walking in the dark. With road traffic, it is very important to be to be visible. Every year, we hear of tragedies locally of people getting hit by vehicles on the side of the road. You need to be extremely visible. We also spend a lot of time at parks, which can bring up other safety concerns.

I have been using NoxGear running vests for several years. I recommend them to all of my friends (and the Amazon cheap ones don't hold a charge). I also have my kids wear them when were out in the dark, whether we are going for a family walk or Trick or Treating at Halloween time. They also make reflective vests for dogs.

Don't run by yourself if possible. Make or find a friend, its safer and makes the time go much quicker.

Consider carrying self defense gear. I carry a Go Guarded self defense ring. I also carry a gel pepper spray. Carrying a knife or small handgun is your choice and you can find plenty of information about ways to carry and various belts.

Make sure you can hear. Either wear one earbud turned down or use conduction headphones.

Do not post the locations that you run. If you use Strava, turn your tracking off. Anyone can find you that way. If you have a Garmin watch, you can setup live tracking, and you can set it up so that you can designate someone to be able to watch you. Tell someone where you will be and when to expect you home. Most watches also have some kind of emergency alert feature. Make sure you have it setup and know how to use it.

If you ever have a bad feeling, listen to your gut. Get out of the area. Better to cut a run short and be safe.

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