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Dog Days of Summer

Using Summer Heat to keep you healthier this winter 

San Fu Moxibustion is a special treatment in Chinese medicine that loosely translates to heavenly or celestial moxibustion. It uses the idea of treating winter diseases in the summer and is a cornerstone of true preventative medicine. It is a series of topical herbal treatments on the 3 hottest days of the summer, done for 3 years in a row. Even one treatment can be beneficial.

It can help reduce or even eliminate allergies, asthma, bronchitis, and frequent colds and flus. It can be used for arthritis type of pain that worsens in the cold damp weather. It may also be helpful for lingering post viral symptoms.


Warming herbs are mixed with ginger juice and applied as a paste to points on the back. It is taped and left on the skin for several hours. It causes localized redness, it may also cause itching or blisters, all of which are normal. The points used correspond to the lungs, immune system and strengthening our overall vitality. Many patients report the following winter that they don't get sick as often and their allergies resolve.

This can be used in kids over 2, but should not be used in pregnant patients.


The "Dog Days of Summer" for San Fu Moxa this summer are 7/15, 7/24, 8/5 and 8/14. You only need 3 out of the 4 days, or you can schedule as close to those days as possible. Appointments are $35 per treatment or 3/$100. Please contact us to schedule your appointment at 810-824-9215 or email

Not our video, but a great video and explanation on San Fu Moxa

Schedule an appointment for San Fu moxa today and stay healthier over the winter!

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