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Happy Belated Earth Month

We've been busy and missed Earth month by a few days. However, we still believe that making small changes at home with products you use everyday can have huge health benefits. You don't need to go out and buy new everything, but buying smarter as you run out of things can have a huge impact.

Swap out plastic as much as possible. Use more glass, metal, ceramic and wooden products. Get rid of plastic storage containers, disposable plastic bags, plastic spatulas for cooking and plastic cutting boards. I found some great locally made wood cutting boards. It is even more important to make sure that you aren't microwaving plastic, as that releases even more BPA, or the toxic chemicals in plastics that disrupt our endocrine systems.  

Get rid of artificial fragrances. If you can only do one thing, this is the most important. Fragrances are endocrine disrupters and lung damage can be akin to second hand smoke. No Febreze, plug ins, or candles, and start buying unscented laundry and personal care products.

Reduce food waste. Meal plan and prep. Cooking things like soups and stir fries can be great ways to use up leftovers. Plan your meals around what you have on hand that needs to be eaten. Save bones and veggie scraps to make bone broth. Compost the leftovers.

I don't think it is a coincidence that most things that are healthier for us are also healthier for the earth. We are all exposed to a barrage of chemicals and plastics everyday. However, we can try to limit our exposure to reduce our overall toxic load.

I buy a lot of my personal care and cleaning products from Azure Standard

I also buy some products through Fullscript, you can check out the favorites in my dispensary

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